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Story Readers
Why are YES Foundation Volunteers so happy? Because YES Volunteers show kindergarten students they care about them by providing weekly one hour story reading sessions for 21 weeks each school year. The volunteers give children new books and expose them to literature, which helps expand their vocabulary and improve language and listening skills. Our volunteers are caring, committed adults who enjoy sharing their time and talent. They also receive many benefits including:
Face-to-face involvement with young people
Training in program areas
Direct impact and enhancement of childrens lives
Opportunity for personal growth
Recognition for service

Did You Know?
The average child of a middle-income family has been exposed to 1,500 hours of one-on-one reading time. In contrast, the average child of a low-income family has only been exposed to 25 hours of one-on-one reading time.
The most successful way to improve the reading achievement of low-income children is to increase their access to print.
The number of books available to children in the home significantly correlates to reading scores.
The gap between children from low and high income families on reading comprehension scores is over 40.

How Do You Get Involved?
If you would like to volunteer to be a YES Foundation Story Reader or if you are a school principal and would like YES Story Readers in your school call the YES Foundation office today! (248-646-5696)

This program is funded by:
Frederick Vollbrect Foundation
YES Members and Friends

Battle of the Books
The Battle of the Books builds knowledge, communication skills, and confidence by combining reading, teamwork, and healthy competition. Over a seven-month period, teams of upper-elementary school students read and discuss a series of 10 books together. The experience culminates in a game-show style "Battle" held annually at the Detroit Public Library. Students compete for prizes based on reading comprehension and communication, and "show off" their increased vocabulary, critical reading, and communication skills to family and friends.

The Buddy Academic Coaching Program
The Buddy Academic Coaching Program is an innovative, volunteer-driven, early literacy intervention program designed to help ensure that area first-graders obtain critical pre-reading skills and begin to read by the end of first grade. Each year hundreds of Detroit area children leave kindergarten and enter first grade unable to read. Many are unable to identify and sequence letters of the alphabet, sounds associated with letters, sounds associated with blends and combinations and whole words necessary for reading at grade level.

This YES Foundation program provides specialized one-on-one literacy coaching that is effective in helping students master critical pre-reading skills and begin to read.

We believe this is an important first step toward a happy, productive life.

Collaborative for Academic Proficiency (CAP)
CAP is a two-part academic program designed to reinforce the joy of learning by combining classroom learning with exciting hands-on experiences. Over six weeks during the summer, children participate in fun and educational field trips designed to bring specific books and lessons to life. During the school year, students continue their academic exploration through individualized tutoring and classes focusing on specific skills, including writing, reading, math, science, social studies, and cultural academic experiences. As part of a fun and supportive peer-focused learning community, children are able to see firsthand how learning relates to life.

The goal of YES for PREP Network is to increase the pool from which all major institutions draw leadership by developing the leadership potential of able young people from groups grossly underrepresented in that pool.

YES for PREP is a selective and academically rigorous program. Academically talented students from underrepresented backgrounds apply in 7th grade, and undergo three levels of competitive screening to gain admittance. Once accepted into the program, PREP students become members of a supportive peer community that is committed to the values and rigor of PREP's carefully designed academic classes. Students experience an unmatched broadening of their horizons through academics, networking, social and cultural events, and personal development. They complete a rigorous 14-month course of study to prepare them for entry into, and success in, competitive private schools. PREP elevates our students' aspirations and awareness of life's possibilities, while building each young person's sense of self and personal potential.

Click here to learn more about YES for PREP.

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