Enrichment Opportunities

The YES Foundation provides several different enrichment opportunities for students and their families. Each of these opportunities is designed to support the educational success of the student as well as provide access to a broad range of experiences that will better prepare students for the future workforce. A brief description of current enrichment opportunities is provided below. If you would like to learn more about any of these programs please contact us.

Test Preparation
Students can get help preparing for the major national placement tests including the ACT, SAT and SSAT by taking sample tests, learning effective study techniques and more.

College Tours
Picking the right school can have a substantial impact on a student's success in college. The YES Foundation helps parents and students arrange and participate in tours of various colleges as a way to help families make decisions about where to apply and attend college.

Study Abroad
Living and working in a global society requires students to be familiar with, and have respect for, different cultures and customs. Traveling abroad to participate in a program of study is one way to provide students with an international exposure. The YES Foundation helps students apply and prepare for different study abroad programs so that they can have this important experience.

Sponsorship in Gifted/Talented Programs
In most schools, where budgetary restrictions make it difficult to provide basic services, participation in a Gifted & Talented Program requires a financial commitment from the student and family. The YES Foundation can help offset some or all of these expenses for qualified students through our student sponsorship program.

Midwest Academic Talent Search
The Center for Talent and Development at Northwestern University facilitates a program called the Midwest Academic Talent Search. This program provides above-grade-level testing to students as well as counseling and information to parents to help plan for their academic development of their children. The YES Foundation provides information on how to apply for this program as well as support and advice for preparing for the test.

Parent Network
In order to provide even more support to parents, the Yes Foundation has created a parent network to help parents connect with and learn from one another. This network is designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas and experiences between parents about the academic development and job preparation of their children.

We provide a wide range of workshops and seminars on topics of interest to our students and their parents. Many of these workshops have a focus on literacy as well as job readiness and educational development.

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